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No Regrets

Never regret a day in your life.
For the good days reap happiness,
The bad days yield experience,
The worst days teach lessons,
And the best days make memories.

Today is November 3rd. It is a Thursday. It is a good day; a mellow day of meditation, letter-writing, and relaxation. Today is one of those days that brings happiness, and I am happy for it.

Being in Australia has been a beautiful lesson—every single day of it. I have been coming to realize a few things about myself and about life. It occurs to me that I (as so many of us do) have rather high expectations of myself. I came to this country with dreams of getting my first “big-girl” graphic design job and stacking that colorful Aussie paper. I have been here for about three months now and have been on a constant job hunt and saved all of about $10.

Sounds like a failed attempt to me. At first glance, at least.

It was after a few days of feeling stressed, sad, and sorry for myself that I had a bit of an epiphany after meditating on the banks of a peaceful, lily pad overridden pond. It was something like, “You are kicking ass at life no matter what at this point, I mean, look at where you are.”

You might be thinking, “Well, duh,” but we are all in different circumstances right now. It is much harder to think that way when you’ve spent the last few months (year maybe?) fantasizing about being a hotshot, young-gun designer right now, not a backpacker living on a farm.

My lovely Auntie told me something recently, after seeing my discouraged disposition (apparently I am terrible at hiding dissatisfaction), and that is that we have many seasons in our life. This rings so true for me.

What I thought was to be my season for the big-bucks and a poshy design firm office culture turns out to be a season of humble self-growth on a farm outside of Brisbane surrounded by Australian bushlands.

I came here seeking adventure, seeking myself. Everyday has held some sort of adventure and there are plenty more to come. I am out of my comfort zone and I will NEVER look back on these slow farm days with regret, only fondness and gratitude. Because every experience shapes us, and I am all the better for it.

Some seasons are tough, but those are the ones that we can learn the most from. So, whatever your goals, strive for them and be mindful to learn the lessons from all the seasons in your life, good or bad.


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