Bandhini Homeware Design

During my time at Bandhini I served as the sole in-house designer to create print & digital assets as well as website design & maintenance. Being that they were already a very established brand, I worked within their brand guidelines while also strategically improving and adapting the brand as the company grew and navigated the hectic Covid-19 turmoil through 2020/2021.

More specifically my role here entailed that I:

  • Design bi-weekly newsletter emails (Mailchimp)
  • Create and schedule/post social media content
  • Photograph products, both lifestyle imagery and product photography
  • Product design, cushion covers & wall artworks
  • Upload products to the Shopify website
  • Update website homepage graphics twice a month
  • Design print assets for trade shows and packaging inserts
  • Simple videography for bi-weekly styling videos

As I grew within this company, and with previous experience in retail, I developed a keen understanding of the systems and processes of retail business- product design & development, Manufacturing, Purchasing, and B2B & DTC Sales.

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