Bridgetown Discovery

This tourism website showcases the town of Bridgetown, WA. My clients, Trudy and Jenny, long-time Bridgetown locals saw a real need to provide the increasing numbers of tourists with a one stop shop to access information about all accommodation, retail, indulgences and experiences- free and paid – that are available in their beautiful valley town.

The Challenge: Organising a large amount of listings and showcasing them in a way that not only benefits each business (as they pay a fee for their listing) but also gives the potential Bridgetown visitor an easy to navigate, ‘one-stop-shop’ for all of their holiday needs on one website.

The Solution: This whole website’s success came down to effective organisation and User Experience (UX). We broke everything down into 6 main categories- Accomodation, Shopping, Things To Do, Eating & Drinking, Indulgences and Events. We also put featured listings on the front page so that we can showcase new, unique, or relevant events or experiences. I continue to maintain the site as it grows to be Bridgetown’s leading tourism website.


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  • February 2021
  • Bridgetown Discovery