SHAAMA Massage

A remedial massage practice started by two young entrepreneurial women with a vision to do things a little differently…

The Challenge: Their business would not have a permanent headquarters, instead they use a large teepee-style tent to set up in various holiday parks in the southwest region of Western Australia throughout the year for stints of several days to several weeks. This meant that would not have ‘regulars’ to provide steady, reoccurring income for their business.¬† During non-holiday periods, they do house calls throughout the Denmark, WA region.

The Solution: Create an incredibly strong brand identity. Their brand visually reads like a high-end day spa to evoke an understanding of their professionalism from the very first interaction with the branding despite the unconventional business model. Clients are happily surprised that they can access this high end spa massage treatment right at their holiday destination or in their own home.

The Design: Between the three of us we came to 4 main points we needed to hit with the brand identity:

-Holistic, healthy, organic
-Relaxed but Elegant

I supplied three initial options, and we went with the logo mark shown here. Using the teepee shape as it is a distinct visual part of their business being the massage space and alliterating the ‘A’ shapes in SHAAMA. Behind the teepee sits two circles that overlap to form two crescent moons around a circle- symbolic of two female healers coming together to form one practice. This holistic symbolism paired with elegant, professional fonts and organic colours came together to fulfil the initial brief.

Branding was the first phase of this project. I have, however, created an initial website mockup for SHAAMA. As their young business kicks off we will revisit to plan execution of the website.